Access after Graduation

CCEB Network

Students may apply for access to network directories, linux servers and/or grid accounts for up to 6 months upon graduation. In order to apply for access, students must

  1. Complete the continued access form specifying the network project directories they still need access to.
  2. Have the form signed by their advisor (and the research biostatistics faculty member if completing work on a research project).
  3. Return the completed form to Sarah Ratcliffe.

Students granted privileges will be considered a “member of the workforce” within the department. As such, accepting continued access constitutes agreement to and willingness to abide by all university and departmental rules and policies.

Note: Continued access is to files and servers only. It does not include remote access to a desktop.


Prior to dissertation / thesis submission :

  1. Penn+Box Support recommends that Penn+Box users transfer personal data off of their Penn+Box account.
  2. Folders / files that contain files relating to your dissertation should have your advisor added as a co-owner.
  3. Folders / files related to other research work should have the supervisor of the project added as a co-owner.

You will no longer have access to files on Penn+Box once you submit. Alumni and guest PennKey holders do not have Penn+Box accounts.


As an alumni, you can obtain a PennKey through the PennKey-ASP program. To maintain access to systems that require a "non-alumni" PennKey, or to continue access to CCEB files after 6 months, a permanent guest PennKey needs to be requested using the guest form available from PMACS. This request is only granted for research purposes and must be sponsored by the Faculty member with whom you are working.


Your email account will be deactivated 6 months after you are no longer actively working towards a degree in a Perelman School of Medicine academic program.

If an expiration date is placed on your account you should receive a notice that your account is slated for automatic deletion.

As a former students, you may request a permanent alumni forwarding email adress by visiting the Penn Medicine Alumni website. Click on "QuakerNet" from the top menu. You should apply for this before your 6 months is over if you want to continue to have messages forwarded.