Statistical Software (ISSS) Labs

Introduction to Statistical Software Seminars (ISSS)

Wednesdays, 12-1:30pm 505 Blockley Hall

The purpose of the seminar series is to cover the basics of some of the most common statistical software used including STATA, MATLAB, SAS and LaTeX. By the end of the seminar, students should have a basic knowledge of each programming language and, where appropriate, should possess the skills to carry out a basic statistical analysis in each language. This knowledge will be useful for your collaborative research, and for classes that assume for fundamental knowledge in these software programs. Date Presenter Topic Zip File
2014 ... Reproducible Research with Knitr and Sweave ...
2014 ... Intro to Latex ...
2014 ... Intro to R ...
2014 Anagha, Jarcy, Thomas, Erica Intro to Stata download
02/12/14 Mat Davis SAS: Reporting and Graphs download
02/05/14 Mat Davis SAS Macros download
01/29/14 Mat Davis SAS Advanced download
01/22/14 Mat Davis SAS Basics download
10/2/13 Emin Tahirovic LaTeX: An Overview download
9/25/13 Daniel Shin MATLAB: The Basics download
9/18/13 Jarcy Zee STATA: Statistical Analysis in STATA download
9/11/13 Anagha Kumar STATA: The Basics download
8/28/13 Mat Davis Introduction and Overview view