Pamela Shaw, Ph.D.

Dr. Shaw's research interests include methodology to address covariate and outcome measurement error, the evaluation of diagnostic tests, and design of medical studies. She has a particular interest in the use of biomarker studies to calibrate exposure measurements in the fields of nutritional and physical activity epidemiology and environmental health. More recently she has developed a novel rank test to evaluate a composite survival outcome in the presence of interval censoring. She has continued collaborations in a variety of epidemiologic and clinical studies, with a focus on infectious and chronic disease.

Recent Presentations

  1. A novel rank test for bivariate outcomes when one is a surrogate. 59th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute. August 2013.
  2. Methods of analysis for failure time data that adjust for errors in survival outcomes revealed by audits. American Statistical Association Joint Statistical Meeting. August 2013.
  3. A randomized delayed start trial of linezolid in patients with extensively drug-resistent tuberculosis: Issues in design and analysis. Harvard School of Public Health Pharmaceutical & Regulatory Sciences Workshop. May 2013.
  4. A novel rank test for a time-to-event outcome that incorporates information on a surrogate event. New York University School of Medicine, Division of Biostatistics. December 2012.

Statistical Methodology

  1. Shaw PA and Proschan MA. Null but not void: Considerations for hypothesis testing. Statistics in Medicine, 2013, 32(2): 196-205.
  2. Shepherd B, Shaw PA and Dodd L. Using audit Information to adjust parameter estimates for data errors in clinical trials. Clinical Trials, 2012 Dec; 9(6): 721-729.
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  6. Shaw PA, Pepe MS, Alonzo TA, Etzioni, R. Methods for assessing improvement in specificity when a biomarker is combined with a standard screening test. Statistics of Biopharmaceutical Research, 2009 Feb 1; 1(1): 18-25.

Statistical Software

  • Fay MP, Shaw PA. Exact and asymptotic weighted logrank tests for interval censored data: the interval R package. Journal of Statistical Software, 2010 Aug; 36 (2): 1-34.


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Book Chapters and other non-Refereed Scholarly Publications

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