Mary D. Sammel, Sc.D.

Mary Sammel, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, joined the biostatistics faculty in 1997, after completing a two-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Departments of Biostatistics and Environmental Health at Harvard University. Her statistical specialties are in the area of multivariate and longitudinal methods, as well as analysis of discrete data. Most recently, Dr. Sammel has been working on using the latent variable model framework to evaluate questionnaire data. She has also been developing mixed models to describe hormone trends over time, and assess variability in hormones as well as levels over time. Her collaborative areas of interest are reproductive and women’s health.

Selected Publications

  • Leiby BE, Sammel MD, TenHave TR and Lynch KG. Identification of multivariate responders/non-responders using a Bayesian growth curve latent class model. Applied Statistics 58(4): 505-524, 2009.
  • Sammel MD, Freeman EW, Liu Z, Lin, H, Guo W. Factors that influence entry into stages of the menopausal transition. Menopause 16(6): 1218-27, 2009.
  • Sammel MD, Ratcliffe SJ and Leiby BE. Factor analysis. In: Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 3rd Edition, Chow, S-C (ed). Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 2010.
  • Freeman EW, Halberstadt SM, Rickels K, Legler JM, Lin H, Sammel MD. Core symptoms that discriminate premenstrual syndrome. Journal of Women’s Health 20(1): 29-35, 2011.
  • Rausch ME, Sammel MD, Takacs P, Chung K, Shaunik A, Barnhart KT. Multiple marker test for the accurate diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Obstetrics and Gynecology 117(3):573-82, 2011.