Knashawn H Morales, Sc.D.

Knashawn Morales, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, joined the faculty in 2006 after completing three years in the CCEB as an Instructor. Her methodological research interests include latent variable models, categorical data analysis, and longitudinal data analysis. Dr. Morales has extensive collaborative experience in the area of mental health services and clinical trials research. In addition, she has participated in studies involving behavioral modification interventions for asthma, weight management, insomnia and HIV/STD risk reduction. Dr. Morales is the Co-PI of the Mental Health Training Grant in Biostatistics and Co-Director of the Penn Mental Health and AIDS Research Center, Biostatistics and Data Management Core.

Selected Publications

  • Bogner HR, Morales KH, Reynolds CF, Cary MS, Bruce ML. Course of Depression and Mortality among Older Primary Care Patients. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 20(10):895-903, 2012.
  • Apter AJ, Wan F, Reisine S, Bender B, Rand C, Bogen DK, Bennett IM, Bryant-Stephens T, Roy J, Gonzalez R, Priolo C, Ten Have TR, Morales KH. The association of health literacy with adherence and outcomes in moderate-severe asthma. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 132(2):321-327, 2013.
  • Gallo JJ, Morales KH, Bogner HR, Raue PJ, Zee J, Bruce ML, Reynolds CF. Long term effect of depression care management on mortality in older adults: follow-up of cluster randomized clinical trial in primary care. British Medical Journal 346(f2570):1-10, 2013.
  • Perlis M, Zee J, Swinkels C, Kloss J, Morgan K, David B, Morales K. The incidence and temporal patterning of insomnia: a second study. Journal of Sleep Research, 23(5): 499-507, 2014.
  • Morales KH, Kumanyika SK, Fassbender J, Good J, Localio AR, Wadden TA: Patterns of weight change in Black Americans: pooled analysis from three behavioral weight loss trials. Obesity 22(12): 2632-2640, 2014