Jing Huang, PhD

Dr. Huang’s research interests focus on evidence generation and integration from multiple sources of large healthcare data—including the multi-institutional electronic health records, safety reports from FDA/CDC funded drug/vaccine safety surveillance systems, and wearable health devices data—for evidence-based intervention and precision medicine.

She joined the biostatistics faculty at the University of Pennsylvania in 2018. Dr. Huang also holds an appointment as an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics in Pediatrics, at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Content Area Specialties

Cardiology, nutrition and inflammatory bowel disease, pediatrics, pharmacoepidemiology, psychology, renal disorders.

Methodology Specialties

Methods for analysis of large healthcare data, causal inference, Bayesian modeling and methods, functional data analysis, predictive modeling.

Selected Publications

  • Qiu C, Hanson RL, Fufaa G, Kobes S, Gluck C, Huang J, Chen Y, Raj D, Nelson R G, Knowler WC, Susztak, K: Cytosine methylation predicts renal function decline in American Indians. Kidney International 2018, in press.
  • Huang J, Duan R, Hubbard R, Wu Y, Moore JH, Xu H and Chen Y: PIE: A prior knowledge guided integrated likelihood estimation method for bias reduction in association studies using electronic health records data. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 25(3): 345-352, 2018.
  • Huang J, Huang J, Chen Y and Ying G: Evaluation of approaches to analyzing continuous correlated eye data when sample size is small. Ophthalmic Epidemiology 25(1): 45-54, 2018.
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