Jinbo Chen, Ph.D.

Jinbo Chen, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, joined the biostatistics faculty in January 2006. Dr. Chen graduated from the Biostatistics Department at the University of Washington and was a Research Fellow at the Biostatistics Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute. Dr. Chen's research has focused on developing statistical methods for genetic epidemiology studies and for missing data problems. Her current research includes statistical methods for efficient inference of joint genotype effects and gene-gene/gene-environment interactions and methods on efficient analysis of time-to-event data in the presence of missing covariates.

Selected Publications

  • Chen J and Chatterjee N. Haplotype-based association analysis in cohort and nested case-control studies. Biometrics 62:28-35, 2006.
  • Chen J and Rodriguez C. Conditional likelihood methods for haplotype-based association analysis using matched case-control data. Biometrics 63:1099-1107, 2007.
  • Chen J, Yu K, Hsing A, and Therneau T. A partially linear tree-based regression model for assessing complex joint gene-gene and gene-environment effects. Genetic Epidemiology 31:238-251, 2007.
  • Chen J, Ayyagari R, Chatterjee N, Pee DY, Schairer C, Byrne, Benichou J, and Gail MH. Breast cancer relative estimates from case-control and cohort designs with missing data on mammographic density. Journal of the American Statistical Association 103:976-988, 2008.
  • Chen J, Zheng J, Wilson ML. Likelihood ration tests for maternal and fetal genetic effects on obstetric complications. Genetic Epidemiology 33:526-538, 2009.